Deborah Moore in 2010


Intro to Palm Portrait Gallery
It is an exciting process to crystallize the essential points of a palm reading into a visual portrait. The first step is to identify, through discussion, which aspects of the reading are the most valuable to remember and live out. The second step is to choose images from the reading that will be marvelous to see again and again.

Most palm readings take specific times, events, hopes and fears into account to quest for conclusions in the form of present day plans or paths. Such a path becomes the most important message depicted in a palm portrait, inspiring a direction through immediate challenges.

When a portrait includes fearsome aspects of the reading, a person's demons become art. Through depiction of either difficult or easy future paths, realizations from the reading lend themselves to profound portraiture.

The portrait captures the outward appearance of the person read, and also takes a snapshot of their highest path discovered during the reading. This dual portrait lives on, at home, where it continues to inspire the steps of living out the path.

And -- it's Art!

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